This service provides the ability to create and query sqlite3 databases through a web API.


Create a database

  • method: POST
  • response: JSON object with a token


$ curl -x POST
# response: {"token": "abcdefg"}


Query a database

  • method: POST
  • body: JSON body containing the following
    • token: string, your token
    • query: string, query to execute
    • params: (optional) array, if query contains parameter placeholders (ie ?) provide this array of parameters in order of placeholders.
  • response: JSON array, list of query results


Basic query

$ curl -X POST -d '{"token": "your-token", "query": "INSERT INTO users (name) VALUES (\"ted\")"}'

# response: []

Parameterized query

$ curl -X POST -d '{"token": "your-token", "query": "SELECT * FROM users WHERE id = ?", "params": [1]}'

# response: [{"id":1,"name":"ted"}]

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